# Opulence Entrepreneurs' Community


We have an Awesome Community of Entrepreneurs Club across the Globe In different cities across the Globe called the OPEN (OPulence ENtrepreneurs) TRIBERS'the Community has Promising membership benefits, you can be part of It too! to Join click  here.

Why join?

YID Consulting is in Partnership with Opulence Group  to giveout Capitals to Entrepreneurs.  Mentorship Programmes and Resources are available to members and been a member of the Community makes a member eligible for the $10,000 Capital.

How to join?

OPEN TRIBERS' Community is a Group of Entrepreneurs with a passion to grow their entrepreneurial skills,  this program is designed by YID Consulting to create locally organized communities for Progressive minded Entrepreneurs. These communities are meant to educate and provide a forum for discussion and knowledge sharing around topics that are top-of-mind for Entrepreneurship in  market. YID Consulting also provides Moral supports and Resources to help in Members growth. 

Who can join?

OPEN TRIBERS' Community is open to all members of the Public with Progressive minds in Entrepreneurship. Whatever the growth level of your Business as an Entrepreneur, OPEN TRIBE is the right Community for you. Dont be left out in the growth Course 🙂 

Be Active

Ensure to be an Active member of the Comunity by Contributing and Commenting on the Page as well as Payment of monthly membership dues.

Enjoy our Offers

If All Eligibility criteria is passed, Members will have access to discounted offers for Our products and Services + eligibile members can apply for an exclusive Capital of $10,000 with our Partner FINTECH Company (OPULENCE CAPITAL INVESTMENT).

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