YID Affiliate Whitelabel Partnership

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YID Affiliate Whitelabel Partnership
Please select the options that make most sense to you in the following section
1. I enjoying learning new things
2. I believe that luck is more important than consistency, in achieving success
3. Get to it when you can. Nothing is worth the discomfort Strongly agree
4. The hands that execute are as important as the mind that carries the vision
5. Confidence is a critical seasoning in cooking the soup of success
6.The outcomes of our lives are more as a result of fate than choices
7. Collaboration is the new competition Strongly agree
8. Asking again, after receiving a "NO" makes mean you don't respect boundaries
9. Trying again after 3 failed attempts is a waste
10. Your output is greatly influenced by your input
11. I enjoy being a part of a solution
12. If I can't do it well, I won't try at all
13. Value always preceeds gains.
14. Good things require nurturing for sustenance.
15. Growth is a process.
16. Networking is a critical entrepreneurial strategy.
17. Focus & Consistency are able to bridge even the widest huddles. Strongly agree.
18. Learning is a continuous process.
19. A Grandma has atleast a lesson to learn from a toddler
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